Macy’s Announce Closure of Downtown Store

It was announced yesterday, that Macy’s will close their Burlington location in March, as well as around 100 others.

While this is dissapointing news, it has been clear for some time that the closure of the Burlington Macy’s was a possibility. Competition from online retailers has forced Macy’s to consolidate its national footprint.

“In preparation for news like this, the City has been working proactively with the support of voters to keep the downtown healthy by beginning the transition from a suburban-style mall to a mixed-use neighborhood.” said Mayor Weinberger in a statement.

With the redevelopment of the Burlington Town Center property, changes are already in the work for downtown. The closing of Macy’s may present an opportunity to find a new use for the site, which could better serve the public good.

“We need people even more now to come downtown patronize our local businesses and be a part of this vibrant community, that in a couple of years is going to look totally different which could be really exciting,” BBA Executive Director Kelly Devine told WCAX.