Burlington City Place Receives Final Approval

The final development agreement for Burlington City Place (formerly Burlington Town Center) was approved by the City Council last Monday night. Demolition will begin on the Cherry Street garage (slated to begin Dec. 6th.) signaling the beginning of this transformative project for our downtown. 

The agreement, which includes an encumbrance plan to minimize construction disturbances, is the final approval needed for construction to begin.

Early on, our organization identified the redevelopment of the mall as having significant potential benefits to the future of downtown Burlington. Revitalizing this large site in the heart of our community with retail, offices and housing fits with our goal of ensuring the economic vitality of Burlington through dense downtown development. The BBA will continue to support projects that add to the vibrancy of our community.

The project is set to add 272 units of housing and hundreds of thousands of square feet of retail and office space to downtown Burlington.

As this project moves to the construction phase, we will work with the City and developer, to provide timely information on construction schedules and street closures. Follow our website, Facebook and Twitter for more information.