Legislature Raises Funds to Clean Up Lake Champlain

With the close of the Legislative Session, VT Lawmakers “raised some money designed to clean up Lake Champlain… while polls show most Vermonters – even those outside the Lake Champlain watershed – are willing to spend the money, there is far less agreement on who should be taxed, and how. ” – VT Digger

“The Senate voted 27-2 to pass a $7.5 million water quality bill, H.35, that is funded in part by a 0.2 percent surcharge on the state’s property transfer tax. The bill also includes fees on pollution permits, medium and large farm registrations, and the sale of non-agricultural fertilizer and pesticides. The House voted Wednesday to concur with the bill, sending it to the governor’s desk. Gov. Peter Shumlin has said he supports it.” Read the full VT Digger article.