Burlington Supports Cutting Edge Net Access

Two years ago, BBA was invited to take part in an effort to  support the entrepreneurial spirit of Burlington and accelerate economic and community growth as defined by Mayor Weinberger. This effort, named BTV Ignite, took a big step forward with the hiring of former police chief Michael Schirling as Executive Director and commitments for two-years of seed funding. BTV Ignite is a positive step for Burlington in its efforts to promote the city and the surrounding region as an incubator for start-ups and new tech initiatives.

Schirling describes BTV Ignites role as an entity that can help organize the incredible existing energy in the tech community.  BTV Ignite will provide the resources and leadership to blossoming entrepreneurs and give them the structure and support that will help them see their ideas develop into successful businesses. BTV Ignite will fill the role of linking and facilitating innovative tech ideas with the people and resources that can help bring them to life., said Kelly Devine, Executive Director of BBA. This type of support and encouragement for the growth of new tech businesses is a great sign for the future of Burlington.The BBA will continue to work with BTV Ignite and its new Executive Director Michael Schirling to foster new economic development in Burlington’s tech sector.