IMG_5522The BBA operates a number of active committees, some of which serve to improve the organization through improved membership value, while others are dedicated to the advocacy and development of city projects to enhance the economic vitality of Burlington.

The following committees are open to all BBA members*

  • Downtown Action Group (DAG): The Downtown Action Group (DAG) meets to discuss how important issues, such as safety/security and downtown parking, affect businesses in our central downtown. Find their latest committee report here.


  • Waterfront Action Group (WAG): The BBA’s Waterfront Action Group (WAG) includes representatives from nearly all waterfront businesses. WAG has been receiving regular updates on theWaterfront Access North Project from the CEDO office, and established a subcommittee to help formulate a position in connection with the improvements for the Bike Path. WAG also works to produce the BBA’s annual Waterfront Map. Find their latest committee report here.


  • Programs Committee The BBA’s Programs Committee meets monthly to help plan and execute our events throughout the year, including the BBA’s popular Annual Dinner. The BBA also has a sub-committee of this group, our Educational Programs Sub-Committee, which meets monthly to brainstorm and plan all of our informational and educational events. If interested in getting involved with this committee, please email Colin.

*Depending on your membership level there may be a limited amount of participants from your business

All committee meetings are listed on the BBA calendar. Please note: there are no committee meetings in the month of August.  Please contact Colin Hilliard for more information.