Committee Report: Waterfront Action Group

An update from Afi Ahmadi, Committee Chair of the Waterfront Action Group:

“The Waterfront Action Group has been very active as it gears up for waterfront weather!  Over the past several months the WAG has been keeping an eye on the Waterfront Access North Project, being updated regularly by representatives of CEDO.

The Group has also established a subcommittee to help formulate a position in connection with the improvements for the Bike Path, with the hopes of assuring that the Bike Path becomes one which is “world class.” WAG is looking at the role it can play to support long-term changes.  In particular, it is seeking to be an advocate for more resources to be allocated in promoting and marketing the Bike Path, as well as examining realistic funding sources. WAG has also kept on eye on legislation which would provide funds to assist in cleaning up Lake Champlain.

WAG also successfully redesigned the BBA 2015 Waterfront Map, intended for visitors to the area, to make it more user-friendly.  Finally, WAG recently held its very well-attended and highly regarded annual FAM Tour cruise on Northern Lights, hearing updates from many waterfront business, and getting the entire Burlington community excited for summer!”