Committee Report: South End Action Group

An update from Russ Scully, Committee Chair on the work of the South End Action Group:

The South End Action Group (SEAG) has been focusing its recent meetings on the Plan BTV South End Draft Plan, which was released online last Tuesday and can be viewed and commented on here.


The group met with David White, Burlington’s Director of Planning and Zoning, to discuss the plan and some of the intended outcomes, what effects the current version of the plan would have on the business and cultural community in the south end, and what are the challenges involved. The group is encouraging South End business owners and residents to take the time to review the plan and submit thoughtful feedback using the PlanBTV website. The SEAG intends to draft a letter on behalf of the group with feedback on the plan before the August 15th deadline for public input. If you’re a BBA member in the South End and would like to be a part of this dialogue, please join us for the next SEAG meeting (typically held on the 4th Tuesday morning of each month).


The group has also reviewed some of the proposed design concepts included in the DuBois & King Design Memorandum for the Champlain Parkway/ Pine Street corridor that are intended to improve safety and mobility for pedestrians and bicyclists. The group is in support of increasing both pedestrian and bicycle traffic in the South end, both as a means to decrease car traffic and increase the walkability and bike-ability of the neighborhood, making it more welcoming to both visitors and residents of Burlington.


If you would like to learn more about getting involved in the South End Action Group, please email BBA’s Member Services & Events Manager, Sarah O Donnell.