Committee Reports

BBA creating inventory of Security Cameras in the downtown

Updated: February 26, 2016 In 2015, the BBA surveyed over 130 businesses and property owners to build an inventory of the existing security cameras in downtown Burlington.  This initiative grew out of meetings held by our Downtown Action Group, in which business owners discussed their frustrations with retail theft and security for both the public and employees. […]

Committee Report: South End Action Group

An update from Russ Scully, Committee Chair on the work of the South End Action Group: The South End Action Group (SEAG) has been focusing its recent meetings on the Plan BTV South End Draft Plan, which was released online last Tuesday and can be viewed and commented on here.   The group met with […]

Committee Report: Downtown Action Group

  An update from Kara Alnasrawi, Committee Chair on the work of the Downtown Action Group: The recently revitalized Downtown Action Group (DAG) has held three lively and well attended meetings. Our focus for these meetings has been primarily on discussing ways to handle and dissipate troubling negative behavior on Church St. and its side streets. The group […]

Committee Report: Waterfront Action Group

An update from Afi Ahmadi, Committee Chair of the Waterfront Action Group: “The Waterfront Action Group has been very active as it gears up for waterfront weather!  Over the past several months the WAG has been keeping an eye on the Waterfront Access North Project, being updated regularly by representatives of CEDO. The Group has […]