BBA’s Adopt Your Sidewalk Campaign

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 The BBA is Asking YOU to Adopt Your Sidewalk!

What Does that Mean?

  • The BBA is asking business and property owners to sign up and pledge to adopt the sidewalk in front of their business!
  • By adopting their sidewalk, businesses are committing to cleaning and maintaining that area.
  • By joining together, businesses downtown can each do a small part to make a big impact on the cleanliness of Burlington. Help create an atmosphere of positive energy and communicate to residents and visitors that this is a welcoming, tight-knit community that works together to care for our downtown.

What Can I Do?


  • If you are a downtown business or property owner, just sign up and pledge to Adopt Your Sidewalk!StreteTree_pineandFerguson-300x200
  • Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive info about our campaign, dates to be aware of and suggestions and resources for things you can do.
  • Download and print out our handy Downloadable Clean Up Checklist for suggestions like:
    • Sweep the sidewalk
    • Plant flowers in flower boxes and planters
    • Clean and maintain greenbelt: Download the guide to Caring for your Trees and Green Belt, a brochure with info created by the city’s Arborist, Warren Spinner and the Branch Out Burlington program
    • Care for existing trees or apply to have one planted with Tree Keeper program
    • Clear trash and debris out of tree pits and gutters
    • Pick up cigarette butts
    • Peel stickers off of signs, parking meters, bike lock posts, hand rails
    • Shovel snow, especially between metersimages
    • Pick up trash
    • Add lighting
    • Power wash sidewalks and walls
    • Place welcoming signs
    • Use See-Click-Fix to report things to the city like sidewalk cracks, abandoned bikes etc.
    • Contact BPD’s Graffiti Removal Team for information on cleaning up tags on walls/ doors etc.

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 The Adopt Your Sidewalk campaign was featured on WCAX, watch the video here.

Our Sidewalk Stewards:

Colleen Paint N Sip

Colleen Clark, Burlington Paint & Sip

Kara- Liebling

Kara Alnasrawi, Liebling

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