Together For Progress Looks to Build on Success in 2017

Founded last fall, Together For Progress (T4P) is a collaborative effort between the Burlington Business Association,

Local Motion, AARP, LCRCC and CCRPC. The goal of this core group was to champion projects that would ensure Burlington’s future as one of America’s most livable small cities.

Together For Progress debuted by vigorously supporting ballot items #3 & #4 on the local election ballot. These two items were essential to the advancement of the Burlington Town Center redevelopment. In the face of vocal opposition, T4P undoubtably effectuated a positive outcome through public outreach, event coordination and strategic communication.

Beyond its work on the Burlington Town Center redevelopment, T4P advocates for projects and initiatives with the potential to create:

  • More Housing
  • Compact Downtown Development
  • Community members gather at T4P Pop-Up Beer Hall Event

    Community members gather at T4P Pop-Up Beer Hall Event

    Job Growth

  • Solid Infrastructure
  • Transportation Choices
  • Walkable/Bikeable Networks
  • Provide Education Outcomes
  • Healthy Community
  • Clean Lake Champlain

In 2017, Burlington will continue to see opportunities for sustainable urban growth. Together For Progress will remain active to ensure that these vital projects, which share the goals of strengthening our downtown vitality, adding much needed housing and effectively growing our city through dense downtown development, can move forward. Learn More