State of the BBA: Better Burlington Committee Report

2016 is a pivotal year for the City of Burlington with so many projects that promise to enhance the energy, livability, walkability and long-term economic vitality.

  • Plan BTV
  • Champlain Parkway
  • City Market South End
  • Burlington Town Center Mall Redevelopment
  • Burlington College Land Housing Development
  • Permitting Process Reform

All of these projects represent change, progress, and a way to begin to wrestle with some of the significant challenges that face our city.

  • Lack of available, affordable housing for young professionals and families to live and work in the city
  • Businesses not being able to recruit young professionals
  • The migration of economically critical office jobs away from the city center to other surrounding communities
  • An aging population that would like to stay in Burlington, but has no available housing options to down-size and remain connected to the community

At this critical point we need to move forward and see the change that so many of the projects mentioned above promise, but we all know that change is hard for Burlington. We all value the special character of our city, but for many of our neighbors this means doing everything possible to slow or stop and new initiative that would alter the status quo. We believe that it is too often the case that the very vocal minority opposing needed change are heard while the majority who see the promise of a more vital and secure future for our city do not take the responsibility and opportunity to speak out in support and effectively remain silent.

The BBA has been laying the groundwork to build the case for the critical change that our city needs. The time to advocate and support change and progress in Burlington is now. The Build a Better Burlington Initiative is a targeted task force of BBA Board members developing a strategy to build a consensus for change and growth in Burlington.

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