Ambassadors Return to Downtown for Holiday Season

The Burlington Business Association and City of Burlington are again partnering to bring Public Safety Ambassadors back to the downtown this holiday season. Starting November 16th, two downtown ambassadors will be additional eyes and ears downtown for businesses and visitors. Green Mountain Concert Services will provide Downtown Ambassadors from 12PM to 8PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 2PM to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, and 12PM to 8PM on Sundays. The Ambassador Program is now in its third year and will run through December 31st.

Ambassadors will ensure visitors have an inviting, informed, and safe visit to Burlington. They will also be a resource for downtown workers, helping them get to and from their workplace safely and coordinate with Howard Center Street Outreach and BPD officers and staff. Downtown Ambassadors are licensed and will be trained in ordinance education and de-escalation. 

What Ambassadors do:

  • Be a presence in the downtown
  • Provide info and directions
  • Educate people about what’s allowed downtown
  • Report problems
  • Keep businesses up to date on public safety programs
  • Provide a safe walk home
  • Work with BPD and Street Outreach to meet your needs

How it Works

Downtown Ambassadors will be on the street and available Wednesday to Sunday (see hours). If you need their help, for any reason call or text 802-404-3444 (or use the WhatsApp Group). An Ambassador will let you know when they can arrive to help.

When they aren’t responding to calls, Ambassadors will walk around downtown, keeping an eye out for opportunities to help and problems that need addressing. If you need help Call or Text.

This program is funded by the City of Burlington.

The ambassador program is one piece of the BBA’s 7-Point Public Safety Plan. Contribute to fund trained Safety Ambassadors in our Downtown so everyone gets home safe.