PlanBTV Walk/Bike Will Make Burlington a Safer Place for Cyclists, Pedestrians, and Motorists

PlanBTV Walk/Bike is a citywide planning effort with the goal to enhance and increase active mobility in Burlington. The project will culminate with the creation of the City’s first Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan, as well as scoping of projects and implementation.

The BBA is one of many organizations involved in this plan and serving on the Advisory Committee is BBA Treasurer and Board Member, Zandy Wheeler owner of SkiRack. As a committee member, Zandy will help provide strategic guidance around policy and public involvement and assist with outreach and communication on behalf of the BBA.

This important project will capture the community’s vision and goals for walking and biking in Burlington while also presenting specific projects for rapid implementation. It’s not only frustrating, but also dangerous when a bike lane ends and suddenly a cyclist is flowing with the rest of traffic. PlanBTV Walk/Bike is looking at implementing east to west, north to south protected bike lanes to increase the predictability of cyclists and motorist.

A protected bike lane demonstration on North Union Street. Photo Credit: Juli Campoli

A protected bike lane demonstration on North Union Street. Photo Credit: Julie Campoli

“I’m excited that Burlington is developing a comprehensive city plan that can improve safety and predictability for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists,” Wheeler said. “The project will also speed up repair of road rebuilding and reconstruction times while dramatically improving pedestrian, cyclist, and motorists safety.”

For more information on PlanBTV Walk/Bike visit their website.