Final Decision on Housing Action Plan Postponed

The Burlington City Council will seek more public input before approving the Mayor’s Housing Action Plan. At Monday’s City Council Meeting, the plan received praise and criticism from about a dozen speakers. The proposed plan addresses challenges in accessibility, affordability, parking, financing, and the impact of college and university students.

Kelly Devine, Executive Director of the Burlington Business Association, called for approval of the plan. According to the Burlington Free Press, Devine said: “there isn’t enough housing stock for pretty much every segment of our community. It’s hurting our ability to thrive and grow.”

Charles Simpson, a Ward-6 resident said that the goal should be “building community rather than incentivizing opportunities for speculative development.” Critics also questioned some of the plan’s presentation of statistics. Citizens asked to be provided with the results of the All-Wards Neighborhood Planning Assembly “Housing Summit” which is planned for May 7th.

The Burlington Business Association views improving housing affordability in Burlington as a key issue in 2015 and as critical to the community’s economic vitality. In January, the BBA hosted the Burlington Business Summit, which discussed housing in Burlington.

The City Council will continue discuss the Housing Action Plan at its meeting on April 27th without a set date for a vote. .