City Council Passes Housing Action Plan

The City’s Housing Action Plan, which identifies 22 proposals, intended to reduce the cost of housing in Burlington for all residents and to make the City more inclusive, livable, walk able, sustainable, and vibrant has been passed unanimously by City Council.

“Burlington has a great opportunity to create substantial new housing for households of all income levels that makes our City more affordable and enhances the character of the downtown we love,” said Mayor Weinberger in a press release. “This plan – which both recommits the City to perpetually affordable housing and launches numerous new initiatives – lays the foundation for this progress.”

58% of the community is made up of renters and on average they spend 44% of their income on housing, one of the highest ratios in the country. As a result, Burlington is lagging behind the region in the production of new downtown housing – which is important for serving low-income families, young professionals, empty nesters, and seniors. The plan will help lower rents and increase the affordable and market rate housing to help alleviate Burlington’s 1% vacancy rate. Addressing the inadequate supply of housing is a crucial factor for the economic vitality of Burlington.


Housing Action Plan