BTC Redevelopment Meeting Notes

Individuals who were unable to attend the July 20th meeting hosted by City officials regarding the Burlington Town Center redevelopment, can now access that meeting’s notes and presentation online.

The purpose of the event was to have the developer’s project consultants, PC Construction, share the proposed Encumbrance Plan, which details the plans for managing the public right of way and parking in and around the project site (particularly along Bank and Cherry Streets) during demolition and construction for the duration of the redevelopment.

The construction phase of the project is set to begin in September, with the demolition of the Mall’s Cherry Street parking garage. The City of Burlington has committed to working with the local business community to keep them updated as more information becomes available.

Anyone with questions or comments should reach out to CEDO Director, Noelle MacKay at 802-865-7174 or [email protected] or CEDO Projects and Policy Specialist, Diana Colangelo at 802-865-7187 or [email protected]. In addition to information about last month’s meeting, more information about the Burlington Town Center redevelopment can be found on the city’s website.

BTC Redevelopment Presentation

BTC Redevelopment Business Meeting Notes