BBA’s Pub Talks: Young Professionals Get Active

The BBA’s Pub Talks group was established in the fall of 2015 as a platform for young professionals who live and work in Burlington to come together and discuss the issues that are most pertinent to them in a relaxed and candid setting, bars!

The Pub Talks group has met regularly over the past year, with several key issues quickly rising to the surface of the group’s discussions. housing, a high cost of living, and limited professional opportunities are some of the consistent challenges that young professionals face in Burlington. These issues are regularly weighed against the quality of life that living in Burlington provides, along with an appreciation for the tight knit community and well, the many many breweries. There are certainly challenges to living in Burlington, which many young people accept as a trade off for the benefits of life in Vermont’s biggest city.

With all of this in mind, BBA’s Pub Talks group has started to look for ways to get active around the issues that effect them the most. The group has had guest speakers attend to educate them on specific topics, including Kate McCarthy from the Vermont Natural Resources Council who spoke about Smart Growth, as well as Liz Miller, who is working with Devonwood Investors on the Burlington Town Center Redevelopment project. This group will continue to┬ábring in guest speakers to inform members on the issues that effect them most, and seek ways to advocate for changes that could help make living in Burlington a win win instead of a trade off.

Interested in getting involved with this group? Email BBA’s Member Services & Events Manager, Sarah O Donnell.