BBA Proudly Supports District Energy in Burlington

A long held energy goal of city officials could be back on the table as a result of the proposed redevelopment of the Burlington Town Center.

A District Energy System (DES) would capture waste heat from the McNeil Energy Plant and transport it through pipes to other facilities around Burlington. Previous attempts to create such a system had been deemed financially unfeasible, but the prospect of a large residential and commercial center has planners re-thinking the plan.

The BBA is proud to support a district energy system in Burlington. Once again this City has shown its commitment to the type of forward thinking policy ideas that have made it an award winning community. This partnership between the City of Burlington and local organizations provides a clear example of how future development needs can be blended with the values of an environmentally conscious community. The collaborative effort undertaken by the organizations involved will lead to real savings for Burlington businesses and that comes, in part, by seeing the potential for an underutilized property in the heart of our downtown to become a vibrant community center, that also happens to be more energy sustainable.

Burlington needs to create more housing for all, more downtown office space, and more opportunities for locally owned business in all areas of the City. The Burlington Town Center project is a critical next step. The fact that it strengthens the viability of district energy in Burlington is an added benefit. The Burlington Town Center project furthers Burlington’s climate action and clean lake goals. Taking the next step on district energy will help ensure a bright future for Burlington. We are and we will continue to be an amazing place to call home.