BBA Event Recap: Breakfast With the Board

Last week the BBA held a “Breakfast with the Board” event.  A unique benefit for our Silver and Platinum Members, the event is designed to open up a dialogue on an important advocacy issue in Burlington.
For this event we focused the discussion around housing. Here’s what we heard:
What’s needed:
  • A push for action from city leaders
  • CEDO staffed, with key positions filled
  • Gain public support, inform and empower the community
  • Growth of the grand list to increase city revenue
  • Help owners of preserved homes instead of penalizing them with limitations
  • Encourage environmentally responsible development through density
Ideas for Solutions:
  • Educate the public and provide real facts, not just opinions
  • Highlight a variety of voices from the people who are living the issue (Young professionals, employees recruited to BTV)
  • Focus efforts on the critical votes
A special thanks South End Kitchen for hosting the event and to Yves Bradley, Chair of Burlington’s Planning Commission and City Council President Jane Knodell for being our guest speakers.
If you would like to stay informed about this issue and receive alerts from BBA, please contact Sarah to be added to our Housing Action Mailing List.