American Flatbread Burlington Hearth named Business of the Year

The BBA is proud to announce American Flatbread Burlington Hearth as the winner of the 2015 Business of the Year Award. The award will be presented to Rob Downey, Managing Partner, at the 37th BBA Dinner and Annual Meeting on April 2nd at the Hilton Burlington.

Over 20 years ago American Flatbread founder George Schenk ignited a single fire in the hills of Vermont creating a food revolution. There was a dramatic change in the way ingredients were sourced, prepared, and honored which broke the mainstream processed restaurant food that was prevalent at the time. Today, American Flatbread continues the revolution with 14 restaurant outposts, each lit by fire. American Flatbread is a return to bread’s roots. They looked back to the history of bread baking and used the same artisan methods: simple, wholesome ingredients, baked in a wood-fired earthen oven.

The award is given in recognition of superb business practices, contributions to the community, promotion of a positive image for Burlington, and business success.


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