Envision The Future at The 2018 Fall Summit

On Thursday, October 18th from 7:30-10:00 at Contois Auditorium for a presentation and discussion with Brad Segal of Progressive Urban Management Associates (PUMA). This informative event will highlight the future of Burlington’s Downtown Improvement District and how our community and create a thriving and competitive downtown for decades to come.


Envision the Future of Burlington
BBA Fall Business Summit
Thursday October 18, 2018
at Contois Auditorium
7:30-10:00 AM
Featuring: Brad Segal, Progress Urban Management Associates

In collaboration with the City of Burlington, we have contracted with PUMA to examine the current structure of Burlington’s two Downtown Improvement Districts and access the feasibility of a full service DID here in Burlington.

This process has involved much research and several trips to Burlington over the last year by PUMA staff, where they met with key stakeholders including members of the business community, local leaders and community members. On this visit, Brad will unveil the finding of their phase 1 report on Burlington’s DID.

PUMA founder and president, Brad Segal has extensive experience in downtown management and community development as both a practitioner and consultant. A self-proclaimed “urban therapist,” Brad is one of the nation’s leading authorities on downtown trends and issues, reinventing downtown management organizations and forming business improvement districts to finance them, and pioneering efforts to create healthy communities.

During PUMA’s June visit to Burlington, Brad had the opportunity to give a presentation before the City Council on global trends impacting downtowns like ours.