Tom Brassard

Burlington, Vermont; consistently selected as one of America’s Top Cities. How does this small city do it? Certainly Mother Nature deserves some of the credit, but it’s the business climate along with our history and culture that fuel the accolades. But it’s so easy to take it all for granted. Whether running a business or raising a family; it takes vision, planning, creativity, hard work, and a real team effort. Without the leadership of the BBA, much of what we enjoy and celebrate today wouldn’t exist. While Mother Nature and brick and mortar form Burlington’s foundation, it’s the people who live, work, and get involved here that give it life. This is what the BBA is all about—providing me and my small business with a voice and a level of community support that I’d be unable to garner on my own. In my view, the BBA is a positive current flowing in and about our local economy.

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