• BBA’s SEAG Publishes Feedback Letter on PlanBTV South End Draft

    The BBA has been working with our South End Action Group to collect feedback on the PlanBTV South End draft plan. The SEAG has written a Plan BTV South End Feedback Letter which was sent on behalf of SEAG members to the City’s Department of Planning and Zoning office,  and published to the Plan BTV […]

  • PlanBTV Walk/Bike Will Make Burlington a Safer Place for Cyclists, Pedestrians, and Motorists

    PlanBTV Walk/Bike is a citywide planning effort with the goal to enhance and increase active mobility in Burlington. The project will culminate with the creation of the City’s first Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan, as well as scoping of projects and implementation. The BBA is one of many organizations involved in this plan and serving […]

  • Wayfinding Signage “Finally” in Burlington

    Earlier today BBA Executive Director, Kelly Devine joined Mayor Miro Weinberger and project partners to announce the fabrication and installation of more than 80 new wayfinding signs to help visitors “find their way” to amenities and services in Burlington’s downtown district. BBA focused on the need for wayfinding improvements in 2005 with a commissioned study […]

  • BBA’s Adopt Your Sidewalk Campaign

    The BBA will be kicking off a downtown wide initiative that asks Burlington businesses to “Adopt Your Sidewalk”. This project grew out of our Downtown Action Group’s monthly meetings, as a way to activate the sense of pride in our city and business community, and work together to ensure Burlington’s downtown is a welcoming, clean, safe place for residents […]

  • Burlington Supports Cutting Edge Net Access

    Two years ago, BBA was invited to take part in an effort to  “support the entrepreneurial spirit of Burlington and accelerate economic and community growth” as defined by Mayor Weinberger. This effort, named BTV Ignite, took a big step forward with the hiring of former police chief Michael Schirling as Executive Director and commitments for […]

  • VT Web Marketing Summit

    The Vermont Web Marketing Summit is a leading digital marketing conference, held in Burlington, VT, every fall. The conference serves as a platform for online marketers and digital marketing experts to keep up to date with the latest trends, benchmark their current digital activities & share challenges and successes with their peers.

  • What $350K a year can do: Burlington completes 100+ Projects

    Demonstrating the power of a dedicated tax fund, Mayor Weinberger celebrated the opening of a renewed playground and the 104 projects and more than $2 million investment in Burlington that have resulted from Burlington’s Pennies for Parks tax. Many of the projects completed are of particular interest to Burlington’s business community including The Burlington Boathouse, […]

  • Economic Survey: Majority of Vermont Businesses Have Considered Relocation

    BBA Members, Davis & Hodgdon Associates conducted its semi-annual economic survey in July regarding the outlook of Vermont-based businesses, which revealed that 51% of those surveyed would leave or make plans to leave Vermont. Small- to medium-sized business owners were asked about their consideration of relocation outside of Vermont (as a result of overall tax burden) […]

  • The BBA’s “Best of Burlington” Online Auction is Live!

    It’s that time of year again! The BBA ‘s 2015 “Best of Burlington” live auction that will run September 14th – October 6th. Visit the auction site to place your bid!   Last year’s auction had 100 items with over 600 bids from active participants in Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, […]

  • Good & Not So Good News for Housing in Burlington

    According to The Burlington Free Press this week, construction of 40 affordable housing units began in the Old North End at the same time recent reports show that Burlington rents remain high and apartment vacancy remains low. Run on the same day, these two stories frame a tale of the challenges and opportunities of creating housing […]


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