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Thank you to the Loss Prevention teams at Outdoor Gear Exchange, City Market, Burlington Town Center, BPD and Macy's for sharing their time and knowledge at our Safety & Security Meeting last Tuesday.


Our presenters gave BBA members insight into what they should look for, tips to prevent retail theif, and resources/tools to take advantage of.

Retail theft is especially prevalent during the holiday season. Even if you did not attend this meeting, we encourage retailers to reach out for more information. Keep yourself, your employees and your business safe this holiday season.


How Does Portland, ME do Downtown?

The Burlington Business Association (BBA) and along with 30 community and business leaders will visit Portland, ME later this week. The focus will be sharing lessons, ideas and opportunities for running a thriving downtown.

The B-Corp

There is a new kind of company in town – the B-Corp. Seventh Generation recently brought the leaders of the B-Corp (Benefit Corporation) movement to Burlington to discuss this new model. 

Burlington’s Flynn Theater was the host location for the Benefit Corporation Champions’ retreat. The Champions’ Retreat invited over 400 businesses from across the globe to a summit on how to improve corporate responsibility. Burlington-based Seventh Generation’s Ashley Orgain recently spoke to Vermont Public Radioon the process of becoming a Benefit Corporation. Other Burlington Benefit Corporations include Ello, Rhino Foods, and The Lodge (at Champlain College). 

Tech Jam and Generator Join Forces

This year Tech Jam joined forces with Burlington’s new Generator to show case our local high tech economy.

The 8th annual Vermont Tech Jam was held at Generator, the new “maker space” in the annex of the Memorial Auditorium. Generator opened recently as a “combination artist studio, classroom, and business incubator” where everyone from hobby robotics enthusiasts to curious business investors can go and learn, collaborate, teach, and/or network with like-minded Vermonters.

Smoking Ban Reignites in Burlington

An ordinance that would ban smoking on the Church Street Marketplace has received a vote of support from the Ordinance Committee. The committee voting 2-1 in favor of the ban, which means and can now be presented to the City Council for a final vote this month.

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